Set up

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The set up of an instrument is one of the basic and most important works to do. By making the right adjustments to the neck, the bridge and the pick ups, we manage to have what every guitar player wants; a guitar with well balanced sound, easy to play and extended lifetime.

Set up work requires experience, knowledge, as well as the right tools to achieve the most accurate result. When performing the tuning, we have to take in to account the musician's personal playing style, the size of the strings, the intensity of playing and of course the instrument itself.

Guitar set up includes: neck adjustment, bridge adjustment so that the strings have the right radius and intonation, nut set up so that there is no buzz & the strings are on a lower level and thus more comfortable to play, cleaning the fretboard, shining of the frets in order to eliminate oxidation, scratches and edges from everyday usage, cleaning of the body, check & cleaning of the pots, the switch and wiring.

I would advise you to run frequent set ups on your instruments ,depending of course on the usage, because sudden climate changes, which are very often nowadays, tend to influence instruments' balance.

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