• Set up

    The set up of an instrument is one of the basic and most important works to do. By making the right adjustments... Read more →

  • Change of Inlays

    Changing the inlays improves the looks of our guitar, but also has a practical outcome... Read more →

  • Fret Dressing

    Playing often, over the course of time ends up to small damages on the frets. It is easily recognisable by looking on to their surface... Read more →

  • Radius Changing

    Before changing the radius, we need to remove all the frets, and then refret has to be done... Read more →

  • Refret

    Playing often, over the course of time ,you will notice the frets are losing their original rounded shape. They become flat and have small dents... Read more →

  • Scalloped Fingerboard

    Many guitarists turn their fingerboard into a scalloped one in order to achieve quicker playing. By removing pieces of wood between the frets... Read more →

  • Bone Nuts and Saddles

    Bone nuts and saddles are very strong and help produce a better sound. Their construction is custom made... Read more →

  • Brass Tremolo Bar Construction

    Replacing the original tremolo bar with one made of brass, is the sort of work we do in order to achieve better sound and more sustain... Read more →

  • Arm Thinning & Changing Shape

    This is a reconstruction work for the guitar's arm, required by those who like to have a thinner guitar arm for increased comfort and speed when playing... Read more →